Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Life from Here

I’ve spent almost twenty years formulating recommendations about the hardest civic problem, which is:

How best should governments ration entitlements, given changed circumstances, given plural values and attitudes, plural meaning systems, plural beliefs about the nature of reality and what is the good life?

My recommendations derive entirely from what has worked in past and present civilizations, including ours. They aren’t new, I didn’t create them. I selected and analysed them in a new way, with a new analysis of capitalism, and of the problems all civilizations now face given the changes brought by mass jet travel and computerised communications.

The work is pretty much finished, the recommendations are ready to be used.

Now I think the work has the potential to improve millions of people’s lives in the future, especially people who lack a voice.

I don't want my recommendations to end up gathering dust. My young friend Laurence Brown who helped me with the research has come to see some of the worth of my work, to see how I begin with deep and radical analysis, and build my recommendations brick by brick. He has come to believe as I do that my work ought to be used, and so I intend to appoint him my literary executor.
I don’t know whether I have another twenty years in me, but it makes sense for me to spend the time I’ve got left in publishing and otherwise promulgating my analyses and recommendations, attempting to maximise the chance that my analyses might be understood, and that my recommendations might become policies at some time in the future.

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